Foundry Farm is a private farm specializing in raw honey, rainbow colored eggs, organic produce (have you seen our BLACK tomatoes?!), organic flowers/ floral arrangements and our own proprietary skin and spirit care brand Deja Vu Foundry- made with essential oils, natural perfuming compounds and organic botanical elements we grow right here on the farm.

Mary is a former award-winning lifestyle boutique owner who closed her store after nearly a decade to focus on creating meaningful products & scent experiences.

Our focus is always on quality over quantity- to do things well, treat the land well, treat people well and enjoy the opportunity to create food, products and experiences that light people up and inspire them to take a little bit of the farm life home with them.

We've always followed our hearts which led us down paths less beaten, and we hope to give you the courage to do the same in your own lives.

Mary from Deja Vu Foundry