Hi. I'm Mary.

My love of "making stuff" goes way back to childhood, hauling every. single. craft I made to my 4H exhibit and winning the coveted purple Grand Prize ribbon.

I graduated with a BA in Visual Merchandising; I was fascinated with the how and why people buy.

From there I opened a home, lifestyle & interior design boutique with my mom- we won numerous awards: Best Specialty Store by Gifts & Dec magazine, Emerging Designer by IIDA, Gifted Retailer by Home Accents Today to name a few.

After that, my husband and I moved to a rural property, turned it into a functioning farm, got into beekeeping and made farm-lifestyle products.

But, we decided to drop everything, move cross country (with chickens) and start all over again.

Because we're crazy.

The products I make are a reflection of living life by the seat of your pants, embracing your weirdness, your imperfections and an discovering an endless thirst for joie de vivre (and cheese).

Categories are boring.

Be feral and keep 'em guessing.

 Interior prop styling with linen table runner, oval wood tray with white serviing dish and champagne flutes on top. Styled by Studio Mary Sue, Austin TexasFlatbread food styling with cut radishes, pea shoots, a bowl of sour cherries in a light bluw latte bowl. Styled by Studio Mary Sue, Austin Texas
Rustic barn bar with green paisley curtain, vintage orange thermos on a mint green antique ice chest. Styled by Studio Mary Sue, Austin Texas
Dark cheese charcuterie board with Cypress Grove Humbolt Fog cheese, raw honey in a moon dish and a resin raven skull