Let's Have a Spooky Fall Picnic- Are you Team Cozy or Team Witchy?

As much as we love summer here at Foundry Farm, we feel at home with the mystery and moodiness of fall.

COVID is still a major part of all of our lives and we find ourselves getting outside and enjoying the simplicity of a good drink, a sinking sun into the treeline and playing dress-up like we were still kids.

Its taking advantage of these small joys that has definitely helped to keep our spirits up during the dumpster fire that is 2020.

We hope this inspires you to do find the small things that make you happy- embrace your inner kid and get out there.

Thank you to Grow With Grace photography for these killer shots and always making my goth teen dreams a reality!



Fall picnic setting with wine, pumpkins, bourbon in the woods

These mixers are amazing!