"Am I ready for wholesale?!" How to know when you're ready to approach boutiques

How do you know if you're ready?

I get this question a lot and here are some things to consider when asking if you're ready to wholesale your products:

-You know the actual COST to create your product.

-You know WHO you're selling to

-You know WHY they buy

-You have your branding DIALED IN

Knowing all of that is vital to not only your business, but finding retailers who will mesh well with your vibe, price point, ideal customer and more.

Wholesale sounds amazing, right?

You get the dust yer shoulders off moment of having your work in stores, selling at volume vs one or two pieces, and the satisfaction of knowing that other people GET you.

But, not all products or businesses are set up to be wholesale-ready.

If you make OOAK (one of a kind) pieces, wholesale might not be a good fit.

If your margins cannot support at least 50% discount from your retail price, wholesale might not be a good fit.

If your packaging and photos are not dialed in and looking scroll-stopping, wholesale might not be a good fit.

There are SO many wonderful things that happen and door that open when wholesale is a great fit, but doing your homework first and making sure you're well positioned before you begin will make it a much easier transition.